Congregational Certification

  November 15 - February 1


Please enter below your congregation's 4-digit ID number and password.

This year and in coming years, we will email to each congregation a link which automatically log them in to this system without a password. The email will be sent to the email address listed for your congregation, so it is important to make sure that this email address is accurate when you certify for the fiscal year.

The use of passwords remains this year for congregations who either don't have an email address on record, or who prefer login.

Use your congregation's four-digit UUA ID number to log in to this account. Every congregation has a pre-established account already. If you do not know your congregation's four-digit UUA ID number, you can find it here. If you don't know the account password, click Forgot Password? below to change the account password. There is no need to register for this system.

Frequently Asked Questions about UUA Certification for Congregations


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